Legalising Your Documents For Buying Or Selling Property Overseas

With the development of today’s travel more and more people are considering buying property abroad for holiday homes, retirement or to live there. The idea of purchasing property abroad has become increasingly popular as it is now easier and cheaper to travel around the world.

If you have found your dream holiday or retirement home abroad you may require a number of documents to help with the process of buying a house abroad. Due to the fact that your are buying property in a foreign country the UK issued documents which you may need to complete the process may not be recognised and accepted. A simple and easy way to ensure these documents can be recognised in a foreign country is to have them issued with an apostille.

An apostille can be added to many documents which will allow them to be used in foreign countries. An apostille is a certificate which is attached to a document to verify its nature. Once the apostille certificate has been fixed to the document it will be recognised in any country which is a member of the hague convention and will need no further legalisation. copy of birth certificate california online

There are a number of documents which you may apostille legalisation for when buying property overseas. These documents may include: 
Power of attourney. 
Birth certificate. 
Certified copy of your passport. 
Adoption certificate.

Apostille legalisation may also be needed if a person who has property 
overseas has died. There may be a number of documents which require an apostille when dealing with their property which can include: 
Death certificate. 
Last will and testimony. 

This is just a small sample of the documents which may require apostille legalisation when buying or selling property overseas.

If you are looking to buy property overseas you should verify with the organisation who are assisting in the purchase which documents you may need and if they will require apostille legalisation before you start the process. Once you are certain which documents require apostille legalisation you may wish to contact an apostille service provider who can legalise your documents for you and prevent the stress of the legalisation process.

Legalise Your Documents For Marriage Overseas

Whilst many people may dream of a white wedding surrounded by hundreds of guests at a nearby hotel for others this sounds like a nightmare. There is an increasing number of people that travel abroad every to marry in exotic and romantic locations. This generally requires less organisation, stress and hassle for the couple. However, there is normally some basic administration that needs to be adhered to ensure that your wedding is trouble free.

Unfortunately it is not a simple case of contacting the country and requesting that they officially recognise your marriage. The relevant jurisdiction will need to verify who you are and check that you are legally able to be married. Many countries are now requesting that couples that intend to wed overseas supply their documents with an apostille certificate attached to the documents. With a little forward planning this can be achieved easily.

The apostille was created by the Hague Conference in an attempt to simply the verification of documents that are presented to organisations in different countries. The apostille is a certificate that is added to another document and then legally embossed with a stamp. This legalises the document for use overseas so that your documents should need no further verification and that they will be accepted as genuine.

The apostille certificate and stamp can be added to many different documents. Every county will have their own preference. There is no set list and it is recommended that you contact the correct authority in the country that you will marry. Marriage documents that can be issued with an apostille may include-

Copies of your passport 
Affidavits that you are free to marry signed by a solicitor or notary 
Birth Certificates 
Adoption Certificates 
Previous marriage certificates 
Decree absolutes stating that any previous marriage is dissolved through divorce 
Certificate of non impediment issued by the local registry office 
Name change deed polls

This list is by no means exhaustive but represents regularly requested documents.

If you plan in advance to get these documents processed it will make organising your wedding relatively straight forward. Contact your wedding coordinator or the relevant authority when you have chosen the location. Establish exactly what documents will require an apostille stamp. Contact an apostille service provider in plenty of time as the service may take a week. Send the documents overseas in advance of the wedding or at least send copies to confirm that your documents are correctly legalised. These steps should help to reduce any confusion created with your marriage overseas.

Notary stamps signed contract in his notary’s office